Saturday, October 24, 2015

Perming Hair

Hi all, from the tile you can know what I'm going to share.. Yes, is been 22 years I'm having very straight hair, the most I did is only temporary perming, I always have no courage to perm my hair because I scared the outcome will make me look older like an aunty =(

And after years, many people tell me why don't I give myself a chance to perm it since now my hair quite long now *the longest hair I keep in my life =P and perming hair seems like a trend now XD So I go and research many hair style with perming and survey with the hairstylist which I trusted..

At first, I only decide do to J-Perm, means a J shape at the end of hair but my hairstylist tell me if I'm perming that I will see nothing so he recommend me to do S-Perm or call it soft perm.. At first I can't accept because I scared the outcome will like what I said just now, like an aunty.. And another reason is I have vacation right after the day I want to perm my hair. I think who also want nice hairstyle when you go for vacation right?

So, after years or months or weeks or days, they came out with a promotion for perming, finally I decided to make an appointment with them!! This is one of the reward for myself after working for three months =)

Gonna share with you all my transform =D

This is how my hair look like before I perm it, damn straight right?

The nature curl I always want to have but is IMPOSSIBLE to have such curl haha 

So, my duration for perming my hair + treatment took me around almost 3 hours and here the outcome!!

This how it looks like after I perm it, due to different people blow dry my hair, you can see one side the curl is more solid and another side is the style which I have now everyday

Sorry for the 'blur-ness' , this is how it look like from the back.. I have clearer photo with my hair stylist but I forget to take from him so this is the best I can show, sorry T_T

Now I'm going to show how's the condition after few days and weeks

Both of the photo I took it after 5 days I perm it, I only normal blow dry so the curl is not obvious

I got a very sad news which most of my friends did not realize I perm my hair =( They said my hair too straight and so make the curl not so obvious =( Is that real?

This one is after three weeks, is that better? Please tell me there is curl =(

And after so many people telling me my curl is not that obvious, I got an idea from my friend who she always did it to make her hair more curl.. Please bare with the photo I'm going to post later XD

Okay hi, I pin my hair up after I blow dry my hair to make sure a very obvious curl will come out later *finger cross 

This is the way I make the curl more obvious but this method make my hair look very dry, I don't know why and this method make the curl different with how normally I blow dry 

So here is the outcome by using 'pin-up' method to make my hair more curl 

So, any comment about my hair? =D I did my hair at: 

Twiggy Macalister (Just at Red Rock Hotel) by Eddie
202A, Red Rock Hotel,
Jln Macalister, 10400, 
04-226 1108

Ok, see ya, thx 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sem Break Get Away Part 2

Hi guys, sorry for after so long only update my part 2 get away *I'm lazy =P Okay since I'm free now so is time =) Currently working now since I'm having four months break but I already pass one month so three months to go, hope my job and everything go smooth on these three months =)

Okay let's straight to the point! The second day as usual, I' the first one who wake up first, just can't get enough for the first day diving =P Oh ya good news! Jia Hui recover from her fever, and of course we did take care very very well to her to avoid she got suffered because we gonna out to the sea for the whole day..

Before we start our second day schedule, we decided the night before that we gonna wake earlier to take some photo since we not manage to take during the first day since we are very very very tired. Gonna show you all only my photo =P

can see I very love the sea right =P

Erm between, don't have those bikini photo because I don't have nice body shape =P Will train for next vacation kay? =D 

Erm, an informal group photo? The other three having another camera over there haha

Second day we went Pulau Redang and Pulau Lang Tengah, that's the reason why we are out for the whole day and also the last day over there also =( So our first will be Pulau Redang. The first sight we reach there is like we are in Maldives *sorry if I'm too over but I really feel that la. I sent photo to my mum when I'm there, mum told me is like fake, she asked me whether is that real or not LOL She keep on repeating this when she saw the photo. 

Is very clear water right? I cannot believe my eyes when I saw this also because is just too clear too clean!

We spend our time at Redang, walk from the beginning to the end. I think here is the place we get tanned and sunburn because is freaking hot! We spend quite a long time at the same place to take photo because the water is too clear until we want to capture every angle down LOL

I cannot get away from this place, just too nice

We have some walk at Redang and we are trying to find 夏日嬷嬷茶 those video scene, after we found it and we have some ice cream then capture down precise moment again. Too much photo until I don't know which one to share LOL

The precious group photo we have! We seldom took group photo, just don't know why haha. Oh ya, this is taken outside the 夏日么么茶, thank you for the staff over there *good skill you have =)

We didn't stop at here even is very hot so continue to walk since the end of another side we still haven't explore yet! Another side of Redang much more hot but we still want to take photo hahha

The other side much more nicer <3 nbsp="" p="">

After we walk more further, we found quite nice art on some chair wood or something but the wood over there hot like shit that we can't even sit on it lol

Quite love this place but the chair is hot like mad

Due to some reason, we only spend some time on diving then heading to lunch.. Redang is quite famous so only lunch we have to take around 30 mins to get the food LOL The reason I feel proud I'm staying at Perhentian Island *peace yeah. After our lunch time, spend some time in the water while waiting others to come back to the boat.

After Redang Island, we visit marine park, we didn't take any photo there because is diving session and after that we relax ourselves by playing water like a kid over there =P There are many species at Marine Park!! The most special experience we have is touching the 'Christmas Tree' which down inside located on the rock.

Now come to the last island for diving! Erm, if not mistaken it is Lang Tengah Island. We did not much things over there sine is the last station and not much things to explore already but we leave a very good memory here, you know why? Here it is

The last station and the most memorable place

So after diving session is our leisure time. Spend our time on volley ball but we don't know how to play so just let people over there 看笑话 =( So enjoy our last BBQ dinner there *is BBQ but is they BBQ for us not we BBQ our own LOL Then back to room and have some talk =) So this is so far our schedule for that day

I'm not going to share the day when we went back because we pack and just took photo outside the beach, not much new things to be share

End our second day at here

Here is the last day and very lucky we manage to take a group photo =D

Hope to have another trip again next time =D


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sem Break Getaway Part 1

Hello guys, I'm back after two months =P The last time I' m blogged about halfday trip and now I'm going to blog about trip as well haha, how good if I can always blog our my trip *mean I always get to travel =P Okay, this time I went to Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian and Lang Tengah. When people ask me where I go, I will said Pulau Redang since more famous right. *tanned like 古天乐 now =P

I will talk about my first night in buss and first day at there =) We went there by bus (Perdana) located at Sungai Nibong bus stop, which is the only bus straight depart from Penang and reach at Kuala Besut Jetty. Thank you Wei Yi for helping us *kiss So the whole journey me and her not really sleep, don't know why just look at the clock and counting down the time to reach haha *others are like dead pig!! The whole journey take us around 8 hours because we stopped by Butterworth and one hour break don't know at where.. After that, when reached Kelantan, they need to drop off people in different places so is actually quite wasted time but no choice.. Can't believe the whole journey we only have two times toilet break =.="

We reached there around 530AM, then waited the nearby coffee shop to open to have our breakfast. I can only feel tired and sleepy at that time ='( Is actually a "waiting" day for day 1. Finally is 8AM!! Settle our payment and is time to depart Y_Y

Tired face + Dark eyes circle *Yee Han Jie at the left 

At first the speed boat make me quite uncomfortable, feel like puking but after a while still able to enjoy the wind =D We are there joking that our food will digest faster since the wave make the speed boat "jump" up and down XD Sorry if you don't feel funny. We take around 30 minutes to reach, oh ya we are staying Pulau Perhentian not Redang, is the most inside island already so is quite peaceful over there.

Another waiting hours, due to don't have room for us =(

For your information, we are staying Flora Bay Chalet, package with meal in air conditioner room. Sorry forget to take accommodation photo, too tired plus yet too excited =P Around 11AM, we have our room and ready for our lunch and snorkeling session   <3 p="">

勉强一张房间的照片好吗?Ready up!!

Waiting for lunch!! The right one is Jia Hui <3 p="">

Ready up for snorkeling!! You can see how strong is the sun, luckily we are only have one snorkeling on the first day, but too bad we still got sun burn the next day!

So by 130PM, we are on the boat and depart to the sea to explore!! The first stop I forget is where and I not able to enjoy because I don't know how to use the goggles =( drink quite much of salt water. 

our 'sea' guide for these 3 days trip, erm not sure you able to see since backlight but nvm a clearer photo will be shown in part 2 =P

Wei Yi please concentrate when people giving guide!! She always get hyperactive when is in the water, we said the water is her charger LOL because every time when she is on boat, sleepy mode is on automatically

Etheng who beside me started to explore and learn how to use her goggles 

Don't have those fantastic marine life photo because don't have gopro and we didn't rent for the camera over there so only some our random photo taken by my phone lol

We are back at 430PM and we fresh up for ourselves then some of them already cannot tahan so they take nap before dinner time. On the other side, me, Etheng and Wei Yi have some photo session after our bath. Etheng always full charge energy, she told us when travel she always very energetic haha. 

Some random selfie and photo by the beach before sunset haha

so fall in love with the blue sky and the sand, so comfortable 

thank you for capturing long legs for me =P

the three who enjoy the beach =P love Wei Yi's camera which come out with the best selfie photo without any touch up 

We are trying to wake the other three but they choose to sleep =( Another one who actually having high fever right the day before our trip. So around 7PM, we back to our room and wake those who is still sleeping to go for our dinner, after playing in the water is definitely hungry to the max!! After the dinner, have some walk with another four girls, Wei Yi cannot stand the tiredness and back to room sleep together with Jia Hui since she is  the one who having high fever LOL

here our outcome!! Feel proud that my camera can capture such photo even the sky already very dark but still able to capture such photo =) From background introduce them XD
From the left Shizhen, Etheng, me and Yee Han =D

After capturing such photo then we back to the room to play game and have some beer =D Ended my post with our dinner group photo 

Now you know who is the one having high fever right? Sorry for the poor quality, only use phone front camera =) 
From the left: Yee Han, me, Wei Yi, Jia Hui, Shizhen and Etheng

My first girls trip!!
First day schedule 
8AM Depart from Kuala Besut Jetty
11AM Check in Resort 
1230PM Lunch
130PM Snorkeling
430PM Our fresh up, selfie time =P 
730PM Dinner time and our free time 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Taiping Half Day Trip

Before the hectic month is here, my classmates come out a sudden trip which having the half day trip at Taiping on the passing Thursday =D We just discuss about it the day before when all of us having lunch. We make it on Thursday is because noon class cancel which lecturer told us earlier, everything just come out too sudden but we like it =P

So after class, we didn't depart immediately but gather at somewhere else because gonna separate us to two cars. We depart around 230PM and reach there at 330PM.. For your information, Taiping is only 1 hour journey *the reason we can have so sudden trip =P

The first station is to take lunch which hungry to the max, we have our lunch at Hotel Panaroma.. *not sure calculate it correct or not =P We planned to have roti pizza for our lunch but too bad they are closed on Thursday ='( I'm not feeling well on that day so only ate mash potato which not recommended but he fried rice over there is recommended because most of my friends ordered that haha. After that, we went Thai Crepe to wait for the girls to have their lunch over there..

Thai Crepe is definitely must try when you visit Taiping, sorry I don't know how to tell where the exact location.. The photo took it when I went Taiping last two weeks. There are two flavors, sour and sweet. I'm picking sour one which is actually spicy but super duper delicious because the ingredient is all the way from Thailand, that's the reason why I say is a must try =D

Here is the one I pick for =) the ingredient inside you can choose yourself =)

After that, we planned to have lok lok for our second round lunch, another bad news =( They haven't start operating!! So we straight head to Taping Lake because it seems rain in a bit, rush to there before the rain get heavy but actually not raining at all after that LOL.. Gonna spam some photo which we took it at there =P

typical tourist must do list =P

the girls 

the guys that fail to pose we have requested XD

wefie is the must for girls =P

weather getting hotter so, group photo and run =D

Next destination we did a little hiking just to visit the small little waterfall XD 

Greeting from the jungle =P <3 p="">

Before went to Kingston's house, group photo from such natural scene

that fellow super duper like to post weird zzzzzzz

After rest for a while at Kingston's house, head out to Sepatang to have our seafood dinner =D You can see very nice sunset over there and guess what, I not able to capture it down because the camera is leave it in the car ='( but still manage to capture down some nice scene over there 

only me and Yee Han because the rest lazy to come down to take the shoot

Around 840PM, we depart and back to the reality world =( Even we sweat a lot and tired but this is the first time all of us join together and leave the memory <3 come="" hope="" i="" more="" p="" to="">

end my post with OOTD *don't hiam ok if the pose look awkward because I'm not good in it =P

Top - Uniqlo
Pants - Hutz Fashion
Shoes - Bangkok
Backpack - Fila
shoot it from Taiping Lakeside 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


hey guys, those who follow my blog will know that last time I was very annoy choosing which dental clinic to have my braces.. At the same time, I was very scared that I can't afford the fees half way but guess what I put on my braces now!!!

Yes I put it on one month already, time pass so fast like seriously.. I was not prepared when I went for the first appointment and the dentist told me he will immediately help me put on the braces if I really decide to do so.. When I was wondering, the nurse told me I better put it now if not I have to wait another one month.. So I have waited for so many year, I decide to put it on that day!!

So happy that dentist said my teeth condition is not that worse but I need 2.5 years too.. The whole treatment is I need to extract four teeth, two for upper teeth and two for lover teeth.. And dentist said I'm petite in size but the teeth is not the size actually I need to have LOL so he will just help me mill my teeth smaller *I don't know how he going to do so lol Next month I need to go for two times dentist appointment to start extract my teeth =(

After I put on, I can still eat like usual just feel not used to it to have something on teeth.. Once after my lunch, I can feel my teeth is getting tight, not really can't eat those hard food but still manage to chew because I only put on upper part braces..

Heard my friends said, after you put on your braces, you have to keep them clean so guess what I brushed my teeth every time after I finish eating and so I used up the toothpaste in one month time lol.. The toothpaste is not cheap, it cost me like RM12 so start from now I will just brush my teeth after I have heavy meal XD

Here to show you what usually use during braces

Quite curious with that christmas tree style brush, haha..

I'm now in the second month so not really can see the changes yet.. Will show again when I can see the changes.. Okay gonna watch Voice of China Final now!!!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Ah Yue's Bye Bye Blue Monday Concert Tour

Before start talk about the concert, allow me to complain.. Early morning planned to go breakfast with mum and brother but guess what, car broke down half way!! And now the only car left is gone too, another holiday have to stay at home.. Okay finish complaining, time to back to the topic..

Last Saturday went to my very first concert in my life!! Ah Yue Bye Bye Monday Concert Tour..Thanks to Shelyn who give me this opportunity. Even though I didn't win the ticket by myself but luckily there are still extra tickets for me =) Oh ya, if you want to know more about her just click here, she is one of the member of MHB =)

Last Saturday, went to Wei Yi's house at around 330 and rest for a while, 6 we start to prepare ourselves and headed concert destination which located at PISA! We faced some traffic jam but at last manage to reach on time!! My partner who going concert:

Me and Jia Hui

Me and Wei Yi

Eight of us going but too bad we can't have a group photo because we reach there different time and we leave separately 

Can't wait to enter the stadium and here the photos I send for mummy when the concert start

Mummy said I sent her firefly photo for her LOL

And here the concert start!!

Here is the song he perform that night:
1)就是喜欢你 + 这个下午很无聊
2)海 + 长大是件麻烦事
6)One Night Stand

Out of 26 songs I only know some but the atmosphere is high enough =D Took some photo over there but is not very clear, just bare with me =D

Just capture from the screen because my camera can't have a very nice photo with zooming photo.. Forget what song he singing when I capture this photo

He even wear 阿美族 traditional costume

Hear is the full costume 

During the concert

Ming Shen, Wei Yi and Shelyn *sorry for the bad quality of the photo

the concert end with his most famous song 爱我别走 and another suit the atmospheres of leaving with the song title of 再见!! The concert help for around 2 hours to 2 and the half hour.. Here the group photo for girls

From the left : Sying, Shelyn, Weiyi, Jia Hui and Me <3 p="">

Even though is not those very famous artist singer like Jay Chou or JJ Lin but I still enjoy it because Ah Yue really sing well in his live performance.. First time watching this concert is not that bad though, addicted to concert after watching this concert. Hope there are still many chances!!

Till here, Bye!!